Adobe Abandons Mobile Flash Development

Adobe Abandons Mobile Flash Development

Mobile Flash DeadAccording to an e-mail sent to Adobe partners earlier this week, the software company will soon stop development on its Flash Player plug-in for mobile browsers. It seems, as the late Steve jobs predicted, the end of the Flash era on the web is near.

Flash’s future, at least for now, will be limited to desktop and laptop computers, and Adobe’s push into the mobile market will target developing platform-native apps based on Adobe AIR.

In the past, we would advise our clients while a Flash based website would work on certain mobile devices, it would not work on iPads, iPhones and iPods. With this press release, the days of having Flash run on Androids and Blackberries seem to be numbered as well.

If your web site currently uses Flash, now is the time to consider updating your site so it does not require Flash and takes advantage of the new HTML 5 standard. Whether you are located in NJ, NY or across the country, please contact Bower Web Solutions so we may answer any questions you might have about the web design of your current site and how we can help before its too late.

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