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Apple Fights Mac Defender Malware with Security Update

As promised, Apple has released a security update to protect users from the Mac Defender ‘scareware’ targeting Mac OS X since last month. The patch, available for download as Security Update 2011-003, will update the File Quarantine feature in Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 to block the offending malware and upon installation it will also scan systems […]

How To Design A Company Logo

Creating a logo or corporate identity for your company is an important concept that many graphic designers do not give as much attention to as perhaps they should. The result is a logo that does not properly and /or effectively portray the company’s image. Clients may also be partially to blame in certain cases, where […]

Using Twitter To Help Your Search Engine Ranking

Word through the internet grapevine is that Google, Bing (and probably Yahoo too I would believe) use social media links, such as Twitter Tweets, when creating their search results. This is at elates what I read from Kristina Weis’ most recent blog post. Search Engines uses hundreds of ways to determine how it should rank […]