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Creating a Home Page That Works

In the board game Monopoly, the most valuable piece of real estate to own in the game is Boardwalk. In terms of your company’s website, the most important page is your Home Page. A well crafted home page is vital to the overall success of your business online. When potential customers come to this page, […]

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How to Optimize Images For The Web Online

Many users take pictures with their digital cameras for the purpose of using those images on their sites, but they may not think to optimize images before putting them up on their website. Digital cameras capture images at higher “resolutions” which create files with more digital information (or “pixels”) than are really needed for most web pages. […]


Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

In the days and weeks following the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, millions of people were without power or internet both at their homes and offices. They relied solely upon their mobile smartphones for Internet access to read their email and visit websites. In today’s business world, companies can no longer afford to ignore this every […]

Halloween Video from Bower Web Solutions

Want An Idea for a Scary Costume This Halloween? Dress as Internet Explorer 7. But seriously, it’s Halloween Season once again! Since we received such a huge response last year, we decided we would post our Halloween epic again for those that missed it last time around. Just click on the YouTube video image below […]