Monterey Gourmet Shops


Monterey Gourmet is a gourmet deli and catering business in Bernardsville, NJ. In addition to a generous menu, they offer daily specials, gourmet products, and gift baskets. They cater large to small events for businesses in the area.


Their old website was built using Microsoft Front Page, which, besides limiting their website-editing access to one computer, is no longer available and doesn’t allow for software updates. This made updating their website nearly impossible. In addition, the website was not built with responsive capability and did not make entering daily specials easy or convenient.


We made them a new website using WordPress Content Management Software, which allows them to edit the website from any computer and gives them the ability to add new food items and daily specials quickly and easily. We also recoded their gift basket offering data so that the site can be expanded to offer e-commerce functionality down the road if necessary.

Before / After

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  2. Monterey Gourmet Shops