Social media 101: Stay on top of Industry News.
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Social Media 101: How To Stay On Top of Industry News

Stay on top of industry news to increase relevancy and draw in more social media followers. So you want to keep up with social media’s incredibly quick-paced news sharing, but you keep missing the opportune moment. How do you catch news stories…
Cortana is a personal assistant built into your computer.

Your First Robot Friend, Cortana

Say hello to Cortana, your new robot friend. Now, don’t get too excited or your panties in a bunch, Cortana won’t replace your best friend Freddy. Cortana is the new personal assistant operating system that Microsoft has developed with Toshiba…
local listings
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Google’s Local Listings Cuts Could Cause You Trouble

From 7 to 3, the number of Google local listings could push you out. So you’re fairly confident in your business’s ability to show up on that 1st Google page. You’re showing up as a local listing. You even show up on the map with your…

Say "Hello" to Microsoft's Windows Hello: Pros and Cons

Microsoft's Windows Hello feature is a brand new facial recognition software that computers has yet to see. Well, it's here, yet having some minor difficulties.
Facebook for business
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New Age Advertising: Facebook For Business Is Live

What is Facebook for business? This article explains what this new marketing concept is all about.
Facebook for business has questionable morals.
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Facebook for Business: Is This Target Marketing Immoral?

Facebook for business utilizes all of the information that its users have given them on themselves in order to allow businesses to target people like you, who will be susceptible to clicking on their ads.