Digital Banking: The Future Of Banking Is In Your Hand

Digital banking is the new way to cash your paycheck, pay a friend for spotting lunch, and eventually could be when buying your new home.
Google's Alphabet is its new Parent company.

Google Now Has a Parent Company, Alphabet

Google's new parent company, Alphabet, is going to be the new foundation for technological advances and new ventures for the long-time search result champion.
hosting website videos on youtube
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Advantages of Hosting Website Videos on YouTube

Creating videos for your website is invaluable for both your SEO and as content for your customers. Should you host it on YouTube? Read more to find out!

The New Windows 10 vs. Windows 8

Windows 10 has introduced some brand new technology that could change the way we compute, especially with privacy and personal assistance.

Hackers Are Destroying Androids: Here’s How To Protect Yourself

Hackers have been sending viruses all over the world through Google's Android appliation 'Hangouts'. Used for instant messaging, this application has an automatic uploading feature that you need to get rid of as soon as possible. Here's how.
Donald Trump
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3 Ways To Protect Your E-mail From Spamming

If Donald Trump can ruin someone's contact device, imagine what professional spammers can do. We put together a list of ways to protect your vital e-mail address from internet hackers and spammers.