Configure Your Email Securely

In order to make our servers and your email more secure, Bower Web Solutions will be requiring that all email be accessed securely. This tutorial is applicable only if your email was already working. If you are setting up email for the first time on a device please see our complete setup tutorials.

What To Do To Empty a Full POP Email Account

You might be over your quota if you have received an email from our server indicating you were over your email quota or you have stopped getting emails. This tutorial shows you how to quickly clear emails off the server so you can continue to receive them.

Fixing Email Problems

Help diagnosing email problems to on Bower Web Solutions hosting.

Configure Email on Android Devices

The following tutorial is provided as a courtesy to our hosting customers to help you configure your Android device to work with Bower Web Solutions hosting.

How To Send Large Files Online

How to send large files and How to create and extract a ZIP File in mac and windows. Email accounts on Bower Web Solutions’ servers can send and receive up to 20 megabytes. For collaborating as well as file sharing we recommend and use dropBox. To send multiple files it is best to organize them first on your computer into files and then zip them up.
apple icon

Configure Email on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Help you configure Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to work with Bower Web Solutions hosting with Bower Web Solutions hosting.