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Protect Yourself: Hackers Create 57,000 Fake Websites Each Week!

Not content to bombard our inboxes with spam, rogue keypunchers are now over whelming the Web, as well. During a three-month study in 2010, PandaLabs, an anti-malware developer, found that cyber criminals, on a daily basis, churn out thousands…

What is an RSS Feed and How Can It Help Me?

If you are like me, there simply isn't enough hours in the day to get all your work done while trying to learn new skills AND keep up with industry news. Fortunately by signing up for or subscribing to RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication),…
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Mac Tip: Keyboard Shortcut to Applications Folder

Command-Option-A, tapped from anywhere in the Finder, whisks you to the Applications folder.

How To Clear / Reset Browser Cache

At Bower Web Solutions, we try to post your requested changes as quickly as possible. Sometimes the latest changes do not appear evident of your local computer as your device may still be reading a slightly earlier version of the web page(s)…
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How to Prevent Your Constant Contact Emails From Being Blocked

If you believe your email campaigns are being blocked by an ISP or mail server as opposed to being filtered, we suggest you start by reaching out to your subscribers (contacts) or their ISP (Internet Service Provider) directly. If numerous…