FileMaker Pro 12 Released: Brings New Features and Benefits

FileMaker Pro 12 Released: Brings New Features and Benefits

Filemaker Pro, a powerful database system that Bower Web Solutions has used to create customized business management systems for its clients as well as for themselves, has released a new version.

The new lineup of FileMaker 12 database applications features new themes and “Starter Solutions” to help users get up and running, as well as significantly enhancing integration with iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Filemaker is available for both Windows PCs and Apple Macintoshes.

Among the key new features in FileMaker 12:

  • Over 40 new themes specifically designed to translate among PC or Mac desktops, iPad, and iPhone. New tools help users customize the default themes to create their own unique database documents.
  • 16 Starter Solutions provide templates upon which users can build their databases depending on the type of data being stored. As with themes, the templates can be easily customized to suit users’ needs.
  • Enhanced container fields for storing files within databases, improving performance and ease of use.
  • Quick Charts for streamlining the process of creating new charts.
  • Significantly enhanced iOS compatibility with free new FileMaker Go apps for iPad and iPhone, both available at the Apple App Store.

Pricing for FileMaker 12 on the desktop remains the same as in the previous version, with FileMaker Pro 12 priced at $299 for new users and $179 for upgrade users and FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced checking in at $499 and $299 respectively. The basic FileMaker Server 12 is priced at $999/$599, while FileMaker Server 12 Advanced carries a price tag of $2,999/$1,799.

Thinking of updating? Well they may be some technical you may wish to review first. If you have any questions regarding Filemaker Pro or need a Filemaker programmer to help you develop your own Filemaker database system, please feel free to contact us in our NJ office.

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