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Content Marketing churns out regular, high quality, original SEO-optimized writing. The benefits of having this on your company website are endless. But I bet you’re wondering, “Well what exactly is it and how does it help my business?” A content marketer’s job is to create engaging, original content, boost SEO-search engine ranking, create a voice for your company and brand, market and sell whatever the product you have, and drive customers to return.

There are several factors and goals when it comes down to content marketing. An expert strategy, which Bower Web Solutions applies, will be able to leverage content marketing into positively affecting each goal of the strategy. It isn’t simply writing blogs and content and tossing it onto a page of your website. Thought, planning, precision, and expertise all go into creating SEO-optimized writing to best help your business rank on any search engine.

Why Content Marketing is Needed for Any Business to Succeed:

Creating original and engaging content for your company’s website keeps your online presence fresh. People like to see today’s news, not yesterday’s news. If your business doesn’t have consistent copy being put on your website, Google will demote your site in search engine rankings.

Having many different pieces of writing, especially on or about the same topic, turns you into the authority of that subject in Google’s, or any other search engine’s eyes. And above all else, customers love new content. The barebones of why you need content marketing is:

  • Keeps your website fresh with new content
  • People want today’s news, not yesterday’s news
  • Customers love new and engaging content
  • It helps turn your business into the leading authority on any given topic
  • Boosts your ranking on search engines thanks to the content’s integrated SEO-best practices

Now that we’ve gone over the barebones of content marketing, why your business needs it, and how it works, lets dig a little deeper.

Factors and Goals:

1. Brand Identity

Your company’s brand is the voice of your business and ultimately reflects what you’re trying to communicate. It’s the foundation which all customer relationships are built upon. What your brand is is what sits in a customer’s mind when they ponder your products or your rival’s. Brand impacts everything including price, credibility, and growth.

How Content Marketing Helps:

Original, specific, and optimized content is another way for your brand to speak to its customers. By having content on your site whether it be blogs, basic information, or anything else; it helps to give your website its own voice. There are several types of blogs such as stories, listicles, informative pieces, and more that can be used in boosting a company’s brand and voice.

2. Micro-Moments

Micro-moments are any time a person turns to their digital device to get help on making a decision or to look something up. This can be done on a computer, phone, tablet, or anything with internet access. However, with people’s increasing dependance on smartphones, the consumer journey has been fractured into hundreds of intent-driven micro-moments.

How Content Marketing Helps:

A skilled content marketer will use SEO-best practices such as using specific keywords and terms to increase the chance of your company appearing in one of these micro-moments. These keywords will go into specific content and blogs on your website to help better drive visitors there. Identifying your consumer’s “I want to buy” moments, be there during those moments, delivering relevant content, and analyzing every moment of the process is what a content marketer will do.

3. Search Engine Ranking

Climbing the digital ladder to the top of Google’s search engine can be compared to finding the holy grail. However, Google needs to understand your website so they know where and how to rank it. Thankfully for you, Google isn’t such a dark, evil empire; they reward companies for doing things right.

How Content Marketing Helps:

Quality and consistent content being funneled into your website are immune to the whims of Google updates. If there is regularly written content, Google will reward you by ranking you higher while also giving your customers something to read. Each piece of content is also completely optimized and curated to your website’s goals while using SEO-best practices.

4. Generate Leads

Generating leads is one of the driving forces of creating content in the first place. Not only do we want to retain customers, we want to find them as well. There is a large demand in modern SEO and content marketing for high-value content for lead generation. Besides for native advertising, creating content such as blogs is the primary avenue through which B2B and B2C marketers generate leads.

How Content Marketing Helps:

The three driving factors of generating leads through content marketing are doing extensive market research, creating high-conversion landing pages, and creating lead bait. By using these practices, it’s a matter of when not if you will generate leads. And by keeping up with content, your leads will only increase.

5. Customer Re-Engagement

Obtaining more clients and customers for your company is great. However, it isn’t at the expense of your pre-existing customers. Producing original and dynamic content which supports your customers by any means is a highly effective way of maintaining their loyalty.

How Content Marketing Helps:

Under the umbrella of blogs, there are many different types of content that can be created to engage users. A content marketer could explain the various ways to best use your products or services, demonstrate how customers can maximize their existing investment, make customers aware of any new products or services, or create blogs on relatable ideas, all while packaging it different types of copy.

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