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Search Engine Optimization enables your business to be found easily on the web. By working with us, we can get your business ranked higher on search engines today!

I have known Dan Bower and Bower Web Solutions a number of years now. They have worked on some of our websites occasionally over the years, as I have come to know and trust the knowledge, and experience, of Dan and his associates.  Most recently, I asked BWS to help refine our Kassel Imports website and optimize the search results for this brand. We source various products from overseas, including plastics, disposable single-use wipes; and also we are a product outsourcing company for the customized needs our of clients.  With the first focus of Bower’s attention on our wipes products, which is a new launch for us, we are amazed to have received thirteen (I just counted) inquiries in the last six weeks. It’s not raining, it’s pouring…and keeping us very busy.
Jack Kasel
Kassel Imports
Dan told me that they would coach me through the organic SEO process. Everything they taught me ended up working. However, it does require ongoing work and effort (but not a lot). I also discovered organic SEO does not happen overnight. If you are patient and get the work done, you will see results. After five to six month of consistent SEO work, I went from not being ranked at all, to being on the 5th page of Google to now being listed on the 1st page of Google (top 10). Currently, I am averaging 2 closed sales every day and all these new clients are coming back for future sessions. I would recommend Bower Web Solutions to anyone who wants to improve their rankings on Google and other search engines.
John Bolger

Throughout the years, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have become increasingly selective on the websites they display on their first, second, and third pages. While searching for a website, a term is entered in the search-bar and the search engines look for the most relevant websites according to your term. More recently however, that relevancy has been based heavily on geographic location. This allows local businesses to obtain search engine optimization, allowing your company to gain more exposure. Our experts craft the context of your website by correctively using key terms, headings, and other SEO-type tools to optimize the results of your website on search engines. In conclusion, let our experts work with you to optimize your business online.


Search Engine Optimization Company in New Jersey

When consumers want to find or purchase something, they use the internet. Being ranked higher on these search engines is vital for your business’s success. Search Engine Optimization can help. The way people are searching is also changing. More and more people are using their mobile devices to perform local searches to find information. This can be anything from making online purchases or searching for a local business.


5 Top Reasons You Need SEO:

  1. It works.
    Even though Google is constantly changing its algorithms, good search engine optimization practices such as creating engaging and informative content will always help your search results.
  2. It’s cost effective.
    Compared to other marketing and advertising efforts, organic search engine optimization provides a one of the best available returns on investment (ROI).
  3. Customers use the Internet more than ever.
    Up to 90% of your potential customers search for reviews of products and services before making a purchase. So it is important to to be seen in internet searches.
  4. Rise of Mobile Devices.
    The amount of web traffic from mobile devices is expected to exceed that of desktop computers. As such, local search optimization is now more important than ever.
  5. The competition is doing it.
    The saying goes “the early bird gets the worm”. Prevent the competition from taking away your business by performing SEO maintenance on a regular basis.

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Our SEO Services Include:

Google Listing

Our team of SEO proffesionals will examine your Google Places listing for any errors or duplications. We will next correct any inaccuracies we may find. Our staff will then optimize your business listing as it appears on Google.

Citation Review

Bower Web Solutions will locate any online listings pointing to your link on all the major sites. If we find any duplicates, problems, or errors with any of the listings, we will fix them. At the same time, we’ll improve these listings by adding additional information.

Link Building

Experts will review your existing citation links and compare them to those of your competitors. We will then find new websites within your industry and local area. Our team of search engine optimization experts will work to get you listed on these sites.

Website Tune Up

A website tune up is important to prepare it for the new visitors we expect to attract. We will do everything from behind the scenes work such as adding Meta Tags and Keywords to more apparent visual improvements to engage your readers.

Customer Reviews

Making the best plan for your business to get favorable online reviews from your clients will be very important as we work with you. A testimonial from a satisfied client goes a long way in not only improving your search ranking but closing sales as well.

Content Creation

Website content needs to be fresh, innovative and engaging. These days,text written specifically for the purposes of search engine optimization may actually hurt your website’s ranking. Just give us a few topics to write about and we’ll do the rest.

Link Recommendations

Our experts will perform research to find sites within your local area and industry we feel could benefit you. We will provide you with a detailed report and instructions on how to obtain back links from these sites. Or we can try to get these link for you.

Social Media Consulting

Need help figuring out how social media can help you attract more local customers? We can help create and manage all your statuses updates and posts across the all the leading social networks just as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Ongoing SEO Consultation

The world of search engines is constantly changing. Advice from our SEO experts will help your company maintain its search engine optimization advantage. Also by reviewing your SEO results on a regular basis, you can improve your rankings over time.

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