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Search Engine Optimization increases the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search results. By working with us, we can get your business ranked higher on Google and other related search engines today!

Throughout the years, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have become increasingly selective on the websites they display on their first, second, and third pages. While searching for a website, a term is entered in the search-bar and the search engines look for the most relevant websites according to your term along with geographic location. This allows local businesses to obtain search engine optimization, allowing your company to gain more exposure. Our experts craft the context of your website by correctively using key terms, headings, and other SEO-type tools to optimize the results of your website on search engines. In conclusion, let our experts work with you to optimize your business online.

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Finding information or shopping can be done by the tap of your fingers rather than traveling to the local library or shopping mall. This is why being ranked highly on internet search engines is crucial to your company’s success. Search Engine Optimization is designed to help. With our team of expert web designers, developers, and content marketers; we can boost your relevancy and click-ability on the internet. In turn, resulting in more traffic and business.

5 Top Reasons You Need SEO:

1. It Increases Market Access

On average, 70 percent of searches result in a page one organic click. Page two and three get only 5 percent of the clicks. Would you rather have your business on the first or second/third pages? With SEO best practices, it will keep you on the first page.

2. It Helps You Stand Out from Your Competitors

A majority of consumers begin their search for products or information on search engines. In addition, more than half of consumers discover new websites through organic searches. The more your business appears, the less your competitor’s will.

3. It Boosts Your Other Marketing Efforts

Using SEO best practices such as coupling SEO and search advertising can increase traffic by 50 percent. Brand awareness and performance also tends to approve. It also positively affects retargeting and pay-per-click campaigns.

4. It Improves Pay-Per-Click Quality Scores

Google assigns your search ads a score of 1-10. It impacts ad’s expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance to the keyword, and the user’s landing page experience. A good SEO strategy will improve your PPC scores in turn boosting your campaign.

5. It Improves Offline Conversions

50 percent of all mobile searches are made for local businesses looking to visit a store that day. By using an efficient SEO strategy, you’ll have consistent listings and business information stretched across the web.

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Our SEO Services Include:

Google Listing

Our team of SEO professionals will examine your Google Places listing for any errors or duplications. We will next correct any inaccuracies we may find. Our staff will then optimize your business listing as it appears on Google.

Citation Review

Bower Web Solutions will locate any online listings pointing to your link on all the major sites. If we find any duplicates, problems, or errors with any of the listings, we will fix them. At the same time, we’ll improve these listings by adding additional information.

Link Building

Experts will review your existing citation links and compare them to those of your competitors. We will then find new websites within your industry and local area. Our team of search engine optimization experts will work to get you listed on these sites.

Website Tune Up

A website tune up is important to prepare it for the new visitors we expect to attract. We will do everything from behind the scenes work such as adding Meta Tags and Keywords to more apparent visual improvements to engage your readers.

Customer Reviews

Making the best plan for your business to get favorable online reviews from your clients will be very important as we work with you. A testimonial from a satisfied client goes a long way in not only improving your search ranking but closing sales as well.

Content Creation

Website content needs to be fresh, innovative and engaging. These days,text written specifically for the purposes of search engine optimization may actually hurt your website’s ranking. Just give us a few topics to write about and we’ll do the rest.

Link Recommendations

Our experts will perform research to find sites within your local area and industry we feel could benefit you. We will provide you with a detailed report and instructions on how to obtain back links from these sites. Or we can try to get these link for you.

Social Media Consulting

Need help figuring out how social media can help you attract more local customers? We can help create and manage all your statuses updates and posts across the all the leading social networks just as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Ongoing SEO Consultation

The world of search engines is constantly changing. Advice from our SEO experts will help your company maintain its search engine optimization advantage. Also by reviewing your SEO results on a regular basis, you can improve your rankings over time.

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