Video Production

Video ProductionVideo Production

A full range of video production services is essential in promoting your business. Let our team of video production artists work with you to create the perfect video to communicate your message to potential clients.

Entertaining and exciting videos are created by compiling footage and adding special effects. Bower Web Solutions can help you create videos about your business that are not only captivating, but convey clear and direct messages. This is accomplished by adding transitions, voice-overs, and using our editing skills.

After creating a video, we then work to promote it. By using YouTube and other platforms, we add attention-grabbing titles, thumbnails, and descriptive summaries. Therefore, customers will be contacting you with more business. Video production is essential in garnering more exposure in today’s digital climate.

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Video Starter Packages

Getting a professional looking video is now easily than ever. Learn about our video starter packages.

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We offer a full range of video production services including storyboarding your concept, onsite video shoots at your location, post-production video editing, and creating special effects. Whether you need a disc or flashdrive for your sales presentation or an online video for use on your company’s website, we are up to the challenge!

If a picture is worth a thousand words,
imagine how valuable a video to get your message across.

Videos not only help with better search engine rankings but they help turn casual visitors into engaged customers.

We use the latest technology in video production equipment.

Our video team has all the tools you need to make your visions come true.

Story Board

Storyboarding consists of a sequence of drawings, typically with some directions and dialogue, representing the shots planned for your desired video. Storyboards help plan the overall look of the video and makes the filming process go smoother.

Script Writing

With videos, you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of the viewer. Your message must be clear, concise, and confident. This should be reflected in the script for your video. Don’t know what to say? Our writers have the skills to write compelling scripts appropriate for the material and subject matter being presented.

Video Shooting

Our video production team can shoot high quality, professional video footage for your video project. Our videographers use the latest technology in video camera equipment. From a single camera to a full multi-camera shoot, our team will deliver to you a professional looking finished product in a format ready for broadcast or the internet.

Post Production

After your footage is shot, we will refine the video and audio. This is done through editing, adding transitions, animations, special effects, custom graphics, and additional soundtracks or music. Through combining these different techniques, we can create a video presentation you can be proud of. We can do all this while remaining on time and on budget for your project.

YouTube Video Optimization

Many companies often overlook using YouTube as a possible avenue to grow their online presence. YouTube, now owned by Google, is currently one of the top search engines. This is why we offer to create videos optimized for better search engine results. By adding targeted keyword phrases to the videos we post to your dedicated YouTube Channel, we can help to increase your search results.