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Online Scares and How to Stay Safe From Them

You receive an email which appears to have been sent from your own email account in which the sender claims to have hacked your computer and proves it by showing a password. The email's authors go on to claim that they have proof of porn sites you've visited and that they have access to your list of contacts, and that unless you pay a ransom they will send incriminating info to all of your contacts....this can be pretty scary. Was your account really hacked or is this a just a scam?
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How to Create a Direct Link to a Google My Business Review

To create a direct link to a Google My Business Review, you’ll need to get the Place ID for your business and follow these easy steps.
not secure message...but if nothing is being protected it's not really an issue, is it?

Chrome's 'NOT SECURE' Warning

Google Chrome displays a prominent NOT SECURE message in the browser for webpage not using HTTPS. For most websites the Chrome not secure warning is really not much of a cause for concern, just like an unlocked garden shed isn't much of a security concern if there's nothing in the shed. To understand how much of a security risk is involved with the Chrome not secure warning, we explain how websites are made secure and what being secure means.