not secure message...but if nothing is being protected it's not really an issue, is it?

Chrome's 'NOT SECURE' Warning

In late July, 2018,Google Chrome will started displaying a prominent NOT SECURE message in the browser for webpage not using HTTPS. For most websites the Chrome not secure warning is really not much of a cause for concern, just like an unlocked garden shed isn't much of a security concern if there's nothing in the shed. To understand how much of a security risk is involved with the Chrome not secure warning, we need to explain how websites are made secure and what being secure means.
Murphy wishes everyone a happy holiday

Holiday Wishes from Bower Web Solutions

All of us at Bower Web Solutions (especially Murphy the poodle) would like to wish you the Happiest and Healthiest of Holidays.
Facebook Business Page

How to Create a Facebook Business Page The Right Way

People ask us what is the correct way to create a Facebook Business page for their company. According to Facebook themselves: "You must first have a Facebook…