Protect Yourself from Email Phishing Scams standard

Phishing (or email fraud) is one of the fastest growing online frauds today. Phishing uses spam email to defraud victims. Phishing is becoming increasingly common – and increasingly dangerous. Phishers send out emails falsely claiming to be an  legitimate company in an attempt to scam users into surrendering private information that will be used for identity theft. The email directs the user to a website where they are asked to update personal information. This can include usernames and passwords, credit cards, social security, bank account numbers and other sensitive information that the legitimate organization already has on file. This website is bogus even though it looks identical to the legitimate site. Once a customer has updated their data, the phishers ...

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Google AdWords Now Allows You to Target Local Searchers standard

Use the new location-based tool on Google AdWords to promote your business Whether you personally manage your Google AdWords account or whether you have someone else utilize this advertising weapon for you, there is now a great new feature you can leverage to boost your online impact. (Note: If you’re not using Google AdWords, it’s time to get on it). AdWords now has a new location-specific tool among its customizable options. This tool is great for delivering regional-specific information on your business to people based on their location. This allows you to customize business services information according to which store your potential customers are closest to, making this a handy feature if your business has multiple locations. You can feature inventory information, discount opportunities, store hours, and ...

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Google’s RankBrain: Search Engine’s Algorithm Addition standard

RankBrain is turning its search engine into a robot – seriously Much like Google’s automated self-driving car – which I’m sure you’ve heard of or read about – that can drive itself and navigate traffic by adapting to its surroundings, Google has just released news of its brand new page ranking feature that has its own type of adaptability. Referred to as having a machine learning ability, RankBrain is the new algorithm for Google’s revered page ranking system which can mimic the human learning process. For every search term you enter into Google’s search engine, Google has a general algorithm that sorts through all of its information in order to get you the best results. Now, as an addition to this algorithm, RankBrain has the ...

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How to Handle Negative Comments on the Internet standard

Don’t let slanderous negative comments hinder future business or your company’s rep People get upset pretty quickly, and unfortunately the Internet has become the easiest place to voice negativity towards anything or anyone. Just take a look at Twitter for ten minutes and you’ll see how easy it is. However, when it comes to your business, negative comments can take a serious toll on your reputation – one of the most important aspects of a business. In order to dodge and/or fix these negative comments, there are multiple approaches you must keep in mind. After all, this can even get legal. 1. Drown out negative posts with a bunch of positive posts to cloud potential consumers’ ability to see the negativity. ...

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Magento: An E-Commerce Creator You Can Use standard

Every year since 2013, E-Commerce sales in the U.S. have surpassed $700 billion for Business to Consumer sales (via That year, 2013, is the last fully official documented sales year that Statista could trace back to – in between 2003 and 2013, e-commerce sales increased by almost $500 billion, an incredibly exponential increase. Economists and statistic analyzers have estimated that in the past two years since then, the amount of business to consumer sales in the U.S. have increased by hundreds of billions of dollars as well. So, with E-Commerce sales being such a crucial part of consumer buying today, it’s vital to have a fully functional, fully safe, and easily operational e-commerce website that consumers can easily navigate. ...

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