Marketing Automation

The Powers of Marketing Automation

Digital marketing automation is the software that systematizes the actions of a marketing campaign such as emails, social media, blog posts, web pages and other actions, making these jobs easier and less time-consuming.

Thus, the automation of marketing promotes creativity and strategic campaigns.

What are the marketing automation objectives? Marketing automation allows businesses to automate repetitive tasks such as sending emails, maintaining social media, tracking website interactions, and handling various other tasks. However, the three main objectives are:

  1. Drive More Leads
  2. Convert Those Leads into Sales
  3. Maximize Marketing Spend

There is a large amount of evidence which points towards marketing automation being efficient. According to a report by VB Insight, 80% of marketing automation users saw their amount of leads increase, and 77% saw their number of conversions increase. Thus, companies who use marketing automation get a 53% higher conversion rate from all initial responses.

Differences Between Good and Bad Marketing Automation

Just like everything else, the amount of effort you put into the software is what you can expect to get out. Marketing automation softwares aren’t simply plugging the information in and leaving it. It requires constant work and upkeep, which Bower Web Solutions are experts on. But what makes good or bad marketing automation practices?

Good Marketing Automation: When your strategy centers around your customer, you’re already in the right direction. The automation’s fullest potential is reached when it helps leads move through the inbound marketing funnel. By knowing your audience, setting the tone, staying human, mixing it up, and remaining relevant; those already differentiate you from having a negative impact.

Bad Marketing Automation: When you lose sight of your customers and prospects, this is when things start to go downhill. In turn, it involves sending non-targeted, spam-filled emails when you lose sight of who you’re marketing to. Bad marketing also includes not fully utilizing customer data thus losing out on many potential relationships and conversions. No matter how elite your software is, it cannot help a cold, poorly optimized strategy.

With Bower Web Solutions…

We can lead the way in all your digital marketing automation needs. By teaming up with vendors like HubSpot and SharpSpring and also having trained SharpSpring users on staff, we will drive more leads, convert those leads into sales, and maximize marketing spend. Contact us today if you want to learn more about what we can do for you!