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The majority of consumers today own some sort of smartphone or tablet. Because of this technology advance, the need for mobile development is even greater. Your company needs to take advantage of this growing consumer market.

It is important that all websites be portable. This is because people mainly access the Internet from smartphones or tablets. It is important for you to have a website however, it needs to be accessible on all of technology’s new innovational gadgets. This leads way to the need for mobile development. While it is important to have a website, it needs to be compatible with the smaller screens of widely used electronics as well. Our development team created gadget-specific versions of your website that provide a consumer-friendly interface that is both compatible and more attractive. In addition, we use the same image and content and can create an application for your website. This delivers a more direct way to create mobile development. Don’t lose the business of phone and tablet users, we are here to make sure you don’t.

Did You Know…

of Americans access the internet from their mobile phones EACH DAY
of consumers are more inclined to purchase from a mobile web site
increase in traffic is expected when a mobile website is available
of mobile web searches are LOCAL web searches

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Reasons for Having a Mobile Web Site

Our web designers test the web sites and mobile development projects we build on the iPhone (iOS) and Android mobile platforms for basic compatibility using the browsers on each respective smartphone. That being said, users viewing a traditional web site (non-mobile specific or non Responsive sites) on a smartphone may find the experience a little frustrating. When considering mobile development, here are some important things to keep in mind when viewing web sites on a mobile device:

Smaller Screens

The smaller screen sizes on smart phones and some tablets make text difficult to read. When hiring a mobile development company, make sure they design the display of your mobile site to display the text slightly larger on these mobile devices.

No Adobe Flash

If your site uses Adobe Flash, it will not display on Apple iPhones, iPods or iPads. These days, the latest trend is for sites to use the more accepted HTML 5 platform, which does not require additional browser plugins.

No “Hover”States

Many traditional websites have Drop Down navigation which display when your mouse cursor is over or “hovers” over a link. Mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets do not recognize “hover events”.

Fewer Pictures

An over abundance of images, while it may look great on the desktop version of your site, will slow down the overall download speed of your mobile site. Consider using fewer images or at the very least make sure the images are optimized for the web.

Streamlined Content

While it may make sense to convert all of your pages over to a mobile friendly version in certain situations, most mobile users will not browse your site’s entire content. On-the-go mobile users are typically looking for quick and easy access for core information such as your street address, map with directions, phone number, hours and perhaps a summary of your services.