North Jersey Hypnosis


John Bolger is a NJ Hypnotist and owner of North Jersey Hypnosis. John practices hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Whippany, NJ and teaches his clients how to use the power of the mind to improve their quality of life. He has helped hundreds of clients stop smoking, lose weight, improve their sleep and more all through hypnosis


John’s original site for his hypnosis practice was built by his former web hosting service. The design options available with their “do-it-yourself” interface were limited . Also nothing was done for search engine optimization on the original website. John needed a way to increase his search engine visibility and improve his sales.


Bower Web Solutions redesigned the website to make it more visually appealing and improve its search engine rankings. Our team rewrote and reorganized the content and navigational structure to better serve both search engines and users. We also recreated a blog section and offered John tips on creating engaging content.

Before / After

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  2. north-jersey-hypnosis-after