3 Ways To Protect Your E-mail From Spamming

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3 Ways To Protect Your E-mail From Spamming

Protect Your E-mail

Protecting your e-mail is 100% in your power. If you’ve ever been the victim of spam e-mails, you know how annoying it is. They’re relentless. It’s like receiving an advertisement call, but not being able to just pick and hang up- especially when it leads to a chain of multiple spammers attacking your inbox. No one needs nor wants that kind of relentless clutter. So, you need to take some steps to prevent this, especially if you’re using your business’s e-mail account.

Steps to Take:

1. Make a ‘Contact’ field instead of showing your e-mail address

On your company website, it’s never smart to throw your e-mail address around. Spammers, hackers, etc. have their ways of acquiring these e-mails through their internet–hacking abilities and adding your e-mail to their advertising spam accounts. You don’t want that for your business as it will clutter your inbox and disrupt your work flow. So, in the Contact section of your webpage, you need to make a Fill-Out Contact form that links to your e-mail inbox. It’s relatively easy to make (especially in WordPress) and provides a safeguard for your e-mail address.

2. If you want to put your address, make your e-mail an image

If you don’t want to make a contact form or want people knowing your e-mail address so that they can contact you directly or something of the sort, you still can’t put your e-mail out there where it can be indexed. By putting your e-mail out there as text, it can be picked up by hackers/spammers and added to their lists. However, you can make your e-mail into an image by using a font creator, WordArt on Microsoft Word (not recommended because of limited fonts), or a graphic designer for free or cheap. By making it an image, it assures that only a human can look at and write down the address, as opposed to copy and pasting it. This prevents robots searching the web from obtaining your e-mail’s coding.

3. Have a backup account for subscribing to other websites

If you want to contact other websites, make comments on social media accounts, etc. from an e-mail address, all you need to do is create an alternative. Make an e-mail account that still ties itself to your business (use your name or business’s name so people still recognize/learn who you are), but whose inbox you won’t care to check. To do this, all you need to do is come up with a similar name and make another e-mail account. This way, you can throw the account’s name around, not caring who/what picks it up. Also, if you want to check if desired people acquired this e-mail account, you can always sort through the account’s inbox.

Worth mentioning: If you get these e-mails, mark them as spam and search for an ‘Unsubscribe’ button on the e-mail if the email seems legit. But the worst spammers will ignore unsubscribes.

There could also be filter options under your e-mail account settings somewhere on your account page.

Take our advice so you don’t need to make a video like this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXSFRMJhlgY

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