Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Why It Matters For Your Website

Your Website Could Be In Danger Are you familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? It may seem like an obscure, forgettable law. However, the importance can save your website and subsequently your company from any potential lawsuits,…

Including Facebook in your Business Strategy. Worth the Investment?

Social media’s surge in popularity has been nothing to scoff at. Celebrities, sports, companies, and your average joe all have used it or are aware of it one way or another. Facebook has been one of the pioneers in the social media world,…
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Online Scares and How to Stay Safe From Them

You receive an email which appears to have been sent from your own email in which the sender claims to have hacked your computer. The email claims they have proof of porn sites you've visited ...Was your account really hacked or is this a just a scam?
not secure message...but if nothing is being protected it's not really an issue, is it?

Chrome's 'NOT SECURE' Warning

Google Chrome displays a prominent NOT SECURE message in the browser for webpage not using HTTPS. For most websites the Chrome not secure warning is really not much of a cause for concern, just like an unlocked garden shed isn't much of a security concern if there's nothing of value in the shed.
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Password Security

Password security centers on long random unique passwords kept in a secure Location such as written lists, a encrypted drives or password managing programs.
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Adding and Deleting Email Accounts

Adding or deleting an email account in cPanel on Bower Web Solutions servers is pretty straightforward. Adding or deleting email accounts properly should guarantee no emails are lost and that a minimum of confusion is left of the server.