Two spaces look terrible on paper, and everywhere else.

Typing in the Digital Age (Why Are You Using Two Spaces?)

As we made the transition from typewriters to computers, there never should have been a runover of certain habits that have still stuck to this day, over 30 years after this technology entered our homes. One example of these habits is using two spaces to begin a sentence after the conclusion of the prior sentence. Stop hitting your space bar twice- you’re wasting time and space and making your paragraph structure look sloppy.
Free websites are hard to find.
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Free Websites Cost You More Than Using Web Developers

Free websites talk the talk, but they can't even stand up. Companies offering free websites like Weebly, Wix, MoonFruit, and the other hundred ones out there are wasting your time and effort. They’re also letting you down. The beautiful templates…
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What Do Your Logo Colors Mean?

Every color has a specific emotion it invokes or characteristic it symbolizes. With your logo representing your color, you should know exactly what the colors you're choosing actually mean to your consumers.