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Online Scares and How to Stay Safe From Them

Online scares can happen to anyone at any time. Learn how to protect you and your accounts.

Premium IMAP Email

Bower Web Solutions offers premium supported Premium IMAP Email which allows secure backed up email accounts of up to 25 gigs as well as contacts, calendars, and tasks which sync across multiple devices.
finger pointing from a laptop

Password Security

Password security centers on long random unique passwords kept in a secure Location such as written lists, a encrypted drives or password managing programs.

Configure Email with Thunderbird

This post is a step by step tutorial on how to set up your Windows PC with Windows Live Mail for use with Bower Web Solutions hosting.
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Adding and Deleting Email Accounts

Adding or deleting an email account in cPanel on Bower Web Solutions servers is pretty straightforward. Adding or deleting email accounts properly should guarantee no emails are lost and that a minimum of confusion is left of the server.
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Microsoft Exchange Email Support

Basic Microsoft Exchange Email Support and links to more advanced topics