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Google AdWords Now Allows You to Target Local Searchers standard

Use the new location-based tool on Google AdWords to promote your business Whether you personally manage your Google AdWords account or whether you have someone else utilize this advertising weapon for you, there is now a great new feature you can leverage to boost your online impact. (Note: If you’re not using Google AdWords, it’s time to get on it). AdWords now has a new location-specific tool among its customizable options. This tool is great for delivering regional-specific information on your business to people based on their location. This allows you to customize business services information according to which store your potential customers are closest to, making this a handy feature if your business has multiple locations. You can feature inventory information, discount opportunities, store hours, and ...

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Google’s RankBrain: Search Engine’s Algorithm Addition standard

RankBrain is turning its search engine into a robot – seriously Much like Google’s automated self-driving car – which I’m sure you’ve heard of or read about – that can drive itself and navigate traffic by adapting to its surroundings, Google has just released news of its brand new page ranking feature that has its own type of adaptability. Referred to as having a machine learning ability, RankBrain is the new algorithm for Google’s revered page ranking system which can mimic the human learning process. For every search term you enter into Google’s search engine, Google has a general algorithm that sorts through all of its information in order to get you the best results. Now, as an addition to this algorithm, RankBrain has the ...

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Social Media 101: How To Stay On Top of Industry News standard

Stay on top of industry news to increase relevancy and draw in more social media followers. So you want to keep up with social media’s incredibly quick-paced news sharing, but you keep missing the opportune moment. How do you catch news stories when you can’t predict when newsworthy moments are going to happen. After all, none of us are psychics- psychics actually don’t exist. Do they? Anyway, the way to appear as a psychic to Internet users is simple: stay on top of your game. All you need to do is assure that you’re up-to-hour on all stories concerning your industry or all topics in general (if you want to play the more widespread current events social media game). Every ...

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Google’s Local Listings Cuts Could Cause You Trouble standard

From 7 to 3, the number of Google local listings could push you out. So you’re fairly confident in your business’s ability to show up on that 1st Google page. You’re showing up as a local listing. You even show up on the map with your own geo-tag. Great. However, your 1st page showing might be in danger due to Google’s new local listings trimmings. Previously, 7 local business results would appear on a Google search, but that number has just been brought down to 3. So, if you earned even the number 4 spot- a very respectable listing- your link might have been bumped down to the second page. Or worse, it might not show up at all. Luckily, ...

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Free Websites Cost You More Than Using Web Developers standard

Free websites talk the talk, but they can’t even stand up. Companies offering free websites like Weebly, Wix, MoonFruit, and the other hundred ones out there are wasting your time and effort. They’re also letting you down. The beautiful templates that you see featured on these websites are enticing – I’ll give them that. Their colors are bold and basic and their layouts can be elegant or straight-to-the-point simple, which is my personal favorite. So, I don’t entirely blame you for wondering why I’m being “that guy” who’s hating on an up and coming business model that is the free website designer and their users. I’ve been there before and I realized how lonely it can get out there on ...

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