5 Simple Social Media Tips

Captivating picture serve for good social media tips articles.

5 Simple Social Media Tips

These social media tips are easy to follow and straight-to-the-point.

Social media tips are easy to come by; however, a lot of times you’ll read about some guy’s “expertise” in the area or you’ll get a bunch of research data that claims to have “figured it out”. I’ll tell you: I don’t have it all figured out. However, working as a content marketer and social media manager, I have seen differences in certain types of posts, thus finding the catchier ways to make a post on social media. They are simple things to incorporate into your social media strategy and they make up these social media tips.

1. Write in Catchy Language

When posting on social media, it’s important to pitch catchy wording to your follower base. After all, it is a pitch for your followers to click on your link or picture, or to read the rest of your post. If you hit them with a smooth line right off the bat using good action verbs, your followers will get more engaged in your post. It’s like trying to land a date with a girl/guy you don’t know with only one shot. Try some light humor, enticing opportunities, or questions that people either want to answer or find out the answer to. Appeal to your audience. One way to engage them well is to know who they are. Know who generally follows you and what they might want out of your posts. Don’t just post nerdy articles or statuses about extremely specific topics unless you know your customer base is into that sort of thing. Give the people what they want. Show them you care about their interests and that you can fulfill them.

2. Post Captivating Pictures

Posting awesome pictures is probably one of the easiest ways to draw in potential customers, your followers, into your posts. The more your picture stands out or is interesting or funny, the more likely your follower will look at your post and click it. So even if you’re just posting an article, create or get a great picture to go along with it as the cover photo. You can use Google Images, as long as you set your Usage Rights to Reuse or Reuse with Modification (Google -> Images -> Search Tools -> Usage Rights -> Reuse). This is the legal way of doing it. Because even though you should never judge a book by its cover, people do it anyway. I mean, we’re talking about Facebook and Twitter here. People on the internet want their needs fulfilled – immediately. Google has spoiled people and you need to keep up with its business model. Yet again, give the people what they want. Attract their attention quickly.

3. Figure Out People’s Social Media Schedules

Throughout the week, you’ll notice that people have certain days or times when they really browse their social media accounts. It could be at the end of the work day when they just want to get out of the office. It could be late at night when people are hanging out on their couches. It could even be early in the morning when people are groggy and don’t know what to do with themselves. Hopefully, it’s not when they’re driving. However, you can’t help that. Try out different times of the day to make your big article posting and record how many clicks, likes, and general exposure you receive (Facebook actually shows you how many people see and click it). Compare that to other posts. Repeat. This way you can get an informed feel for how your audience likes its social media, and when.

4. Mix Up Your Content

Keep your followers on the edges of their seats, leaning on their cubicle desks to get a really good look at what you’re posting today. It’s not good to repeat one type of article too often. If you’re strictly funny, people won’t take you seriously. If you’re only serious, people won’t find you that interesting (unless you’re really effective at what you do). But the fact is, it’s social media. You want to appeal to your followers as their friend who happens to have some great knowledge on a subject and some great jokes. Mix up your material by throwing some curveballs, maybe a meme or two (Disclaimer: do not make very corny memes). Do pictures, do funny, do informative, do current – get involved in the digital discussion constantly. And, by the way, no one likes the guy who talks about himself all the time, so definitely save that stuff.

5. ‘Follow’ People First

Put yourself out there. The only way to make new friends is to introduce yourself. Luckily on the Internet, introducing yourself is a click away. Give people a follow and you might get a follow back. That is after they’re done stalking your Facebook account to see how you live your life, who you hang out with, who your past girlfriends or boyfriends are, and what your Zodiac symbol is. The point remains, they’ll check out your business or personal site, see if they’re interested, and maybe give you a follow back. The only way to know is by trying. You can always check to see if they followed you back and if they didn’t, unfollow them. The power is on the tips of your typing fingers. Also a recommendation: go for the people who are in your industry, interested in your industry, or that you for some reason think would be interested.

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