5 Ways to Make Your Website A Social Website

A Social Website is a fun website.

5 Ways to Make Your Website A Social Website

Make your website a social website amusement park by boosting user-friendliness

With so many factors to consider on your website like worrying about how it will be perceived, its usability, functionality, what pages to include, etc. etc., you can easily lose focus about little things like social interaction. After creating your website, there are awesome extra additions you can include to your social website to make it more user-friendly and consumer compatible. Getting your visitors involved on your website, even just for a few seconds, will allow your social website to show that it’s more than just a selling platform, but a social arcade. Here are 5 ways you can make your website an online amusement park, while staying true to your company:

1. Make an active blog

Making a blog is easy, free, and gives you the freedom to speak your mind. These are the immediate impacts of having a blog. Over the long run, you generate more public interest, use content marketing tactics that will have your site show in Google search rankings, and will increase your “stay” time on your website (the length of time a person will actually remain on your website). In this blog, you can write news articles, opinion pieces, submit entertaining videos and pictures, etc.- anything that pertains even remotely to your business’s industry.

2. Make a ‘Comments’ section

So, for your blog, and potentially for other pages on your website that may warrant discussion, add a Comments section at the bottom. This is another fairly easy thing to create (especially if using WordPress) that can generate a lot of participation on the user’s end and increase that “stay” time even more. This will actually dramatically increase your “stay” time because you’ll be making a public forum on your website where people can talk to you and each other about issues or topics that you’re discussing. This will get you directly engaged with real life consumers through the Internet.

3. Incorporate reviews: front and center

If you’ve been in business for a decent amount of time, you should have at least several reviews about your business, or feedback that you’ve received. Put this information front and center with verified reviews (show that they aren’t made up). This will show incoming visitors that you aren’t a hoax or an uncertified company. If other people attest to your abilities, they are automatically trusted more than yourself making claims about your business conduct. Put this on the front page if you can.

4. Embed social media: throw them into the action

Get people directly involved with your social media account and on your site. Make a live twitter feed of a bunch of people that you follow, and all of your tweets. Or, if there is a current event occurring, insert a live twitter feed about this. This will show that you are attentive and caring in regards to your industry. People like passion. If you make and operate your website with passion, they can get the feeling that you put a lot of work into everything you do, and that you care. You’re not just a salesman on the street, but a wholesome company that is for the good of people. Check online to see how to get these feeds involved on your website with companies like Juicer or Tint.

5. Create polls/surveys

This is another easy way to get people involved. This actually gets them directly involved, making them click around on your website to choose their options- again, increasing that “stay” time. You can make a survey or a poll about almost anything from current events to preferences on a topic in your industry. Just keep them entertained. Any entertaining poll that shows visitors the current results at the end will bring interest. People like to see how others are responding, especially anonymously, to the same question or statement. Insert this somewhere off the main visual of your social website, such as a sidebar on the home page.

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