6 Ways to Boost Social Media Popularity in the Digital Discussion

Social Media participation is vital.

6 Ways to Boost Social Media Popularity in the Digital Discussion

Get your name out there in the social media sphere and stay relevant.

Social media is affecting everyone. It’s constantly a new topic of discussion in companies, and marketing departments are keeping their eyes peeled for effective ways to brand themselves in the digital world of internet consumers. Although making money is always a huge bonus- or typically the end goal- gaining popularity is both the key to making money directly and expanding one’s audience and the potential for rich growth. For beginners (and most intermediate social advertisers), there are a few easy ways to get your business’s name, tone, and purpose out there in cyberspace.

This is the new age of business. It’s time to lose the ego of the past and fly your company’s flag across the seas of the cyberworld. Constant participation is vital if you want to pick up visitors because you never know where an opportunity presents itself. I’ve focused on five simple ways to immediately get you more page views, more shares, and more people knowing about your company, recognizing your presence in the world wide web:

1. Comment on other companies’ stuff

This is probably the number one way to get more likes and more customers. On websites like Facebook, Reddit, and even Twitter, the most popular (liked) comments go to the top of the comment list. On Reddit and Facebook, everyone has the same say. As long as you deliver an impactful comment early in the timeframe that the post was made, you have a chance of getting to the top of that list. Once there, with your comment’s popularity exponentially growing, you will only get more and more comment views, thus more and more likes. Now, the thousands of people viewing that article will see you right there running the discussion. They’ll certainly be curious to check you out or comment on your post.

2. Find a way to relate to huge new topics.

There will always be some huge news story that everyone is talking about. Don’t just sit back because the news concerns the legalization of gay marriage or the removing of the Confederate Flag and that doesn’t pertain to a telephone company. There is always a way to relate to the incident, whether it’s industry-related or not, but it is also important to maintain a fairly neutral tone. You don’t want to give the wrong impression and create a bad name for yourself, but you want your name floating around.

3. Stay Up-To-Date on current events

Always keep a cycling newsfeed. Don’t only have the Facebook kind, but subscribe to popular news websites to get e-mails, notifications, and any and everything that’s ongoing in your industry. This way, you’re on the eight ball- you make the calls. You’ll be establishing yourself as a knowledgeable industry participator with awareness of your industry’s current doings. Check out a website like CNN.com, where they have categories of industry-specific stories.

4. Follow the Leader

Even though social media advertising is new and it’s always great to be an innovator, for now you need to settle on going with the wave of popular ways to use social media. The whole purpose of the thing is allowing people to share their thoughts and experiences in inter-connected ways. Allow the big company’s to pave the way because this is what will soon become the social media societal standard. You can join in on this and use popular branding techniques and discussions to improve your own.

5. Show your industry some love!

In order to gain respect and attention within your industry’s presence on the web, you need to get on board all of the social media ships that pertain to your business whatsoever. Large companies, popular innovators, and experts are all people you should be following. Not only can you learn something through their posts, but also you may even get a like back or at least, a view.

6. Support your clients and business partners.

Whether it’s someone you do business for or does business for you, show them you support them in their social media endeavors as well. It’s always good to maintain positive social media relationships with as many people as possible. Don’t be stubborn. You can’t expect to get all of the likes on your page as a small company if you don’t give them out yourself. Plus, you can always follow/like someone’s page hoping for a like/follow back. If they don’t, you can always forget about them with the click of a button.

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