Adding and Deleting Email Accounts in Cpanel


Adding and Deleting Email Accounts in Cpanel

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Time Needed:

5-15 minutes

Tools Needed:

cPanel Administrative Username and Password


When an employee leaves properly deleting an email address following a few simple steps keeps your hosting account cleaner and prevents confusion with your clients.


Before you start, be sure you have the cPanel username and password.  If you do not have the this information please contact your systems administrator. Most hosting companies including Bower Web Solutions will not share this information with anyone other than the primary account contact that we have on file.

Log In

For those hosting with Bower Web Solutions, go to the our bottom of our support page Choose Cpanel login.

Or go directly to Follow the onscreen prompts to login.

Once logged in:

Delete an Email:

Deleting an  email account itself is easy, but doing it correctly insures that no mail is lost.

  1. Before deleting the email, go to the Forwarders section and set up a forwarder from the old account address to a current account (or forwarder).
    Under mail, choose forwarders. Choose add forwarder and create the forwarder. Test the forwarder by sending an email to the email address that is going to be deleted. Spam filters can sometimes catch forwarded email.
    Note that when forwarding to an outside email, in the forwarded account never flag forwarded email as spam as will be flagging your domain and our server as spam.
  2. Also before deleting the email make sure that all email has been checked by either turning on the computer and email client that checks the email or logging into webmail. Administrators can log into webmail by choosing Email Accounts under the Mail section, finding the email to be deleted, choosing the drop down under  More at right and choosing ‘Access Email’. Emails can be replied to directly from the webmail or forwarded to other accounts.
  3. Once you are sure no email will be lost, the email can be deleted by choosing delete next to the email in email accounts.

Create an Autoresponder to let clients know the what happened to the email/employee:

You may also want to consider creating an autoresponder to send an automated message that a specific email account is no longer active.

  1. Also under mail, choose AutoResponders> Add AutoResponder.
  2. In each of the fields:
    Leave Character Set as it is prefilled (UTF-8).
    Interval: We recommend at least 8 (hours).
    Email: The email you just deleted.
    From: Either the email you just deleted or the email you are forwarding the email to. Replies to the autoresponder will go to the from email.
    Subject: Is normally xxx email is no longer active or xxxx is no longer working at our company.
    Body: Is normally something like:
    xxx email is no longer active or xxxx is no longer working at our company.  Inquiries are being handled by someone else who can be reached at the forwarded email or by calling this number.
    Start and stop  can be left as immediately and never.

Add an Email:

  1. Choose Email Accounts under the Mail section.
  2. Fill in email account address. Bower Web Solutions recommends using a system generated random password and for most users the default email account size is adequate. Do not use the unlimited option or choose an account size that is near or above the overall account Disk Space.
  3. Click ‘create account‘ to create the email account.
  4. Use the support page tutorials on our website to properly configure the new users computers, phones and other devices.
  5. Note: If your company subscribes to Bower Web Solutions premium spam filtering you will need to notify Bower Web Solutions to add the email account to spam filtering.
  6. If you are able to send but not receive on the new account spam filtering is probably the cause. Please contact us to get spam filtering enabled (additional fees may apply).
  • If a forwarders or autoresponders are set up thru cPanel the email account does not need to exist and if the email account is deleted the forwarder or autoresponder should remain. On other servers this may not be the case.
  • The home icon in the top left corner of any cPanel page will take you back to the main screen.
  • Help for each screen is in the top right corner of any cPanel page.
  • For old emails that got a lot of spam using just an autoresponder is a good solution. Legit respondents will update their email accounts. Spammers will usually not update their lists.
  • Be careful…if you are unsure please contact your system administrator or Bower Web Solutions. Bower Web Solutions is available to take care of adding and deleting emails and much else for you as part of normal paid support contracts. Please contact Bower Web Solutions to learn more.

Additional Information

This tutorial is provided as a courtesy to our hosting customers to help you add or delete emails to work with Bower Web Solutions hosting. However this information is applicable to adding and deleting email accounts on any server.

While we try our best to assist our customers, assistance with third-party software can not be supported completely by Bower Web Solutions. If you have further questions about configuring cPanel, please visit cPanel. Bower Web Solutions is not responsible for incorrect configuration of accounts.

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