Advantages of Hosting Website Videos on YouTube

hosting website videos on youtube

Advantages of Hosting Website Videos on YouTube

Creating videos for your website are invaluable for both SEO and as content for your customers. If the content you are trying to create would be more clearly and effectively portrayed in a video, then a video is the way to go! A big decision for companies is whether to host the videos on their own site or an external third party like YouTube.

Here are the top five advantages for hosting your website videos on YouTube:

    1. YouTube Community

Since its acquisition in 2005 by Google, hosting website videos on YouTube has become a global sensation and medium for connecting people through ideas and passions. It boasts 1 million users and continuous yearly growth of 50% on the number of hours watched on YouTube each month. If your target audience for your video encompasses a wide range of people then YouTube is perfect for hosting your website video.

    2. Bandwidth

By hosting your website videos on YouTube and embedding it on your site, you can access their exceptional bandwidth and not have to worry about your video crashing should your marketing team hit the jackpot and help it go viral.

    3. SEO of YouTube Ain’t Too Shabby

Given that Google owns YouTube, you can imagine that the SEO of YouTube and its videos is top-shelf. Hosting website videos on YouTube will help others find your video when searching for the keywords.

    4. Unlimited Number of Video Uploads

If you plan on making a number of videos and maybe would like to continue to create new ones on a regular basis, YouTube makes it effortless to add new content to your YouTube channel and does not put limits on the number of videos you can upload.

    5. Save Some Greenbacks

Especially if you are a small business, you can save some money by using YouTube and its free hosting service instead of paying for the bandwidth needed to host your videos on your own server.


YouTube is a unique medium for businesses to connect with their existing and potential customers on a global scale. If you are considering adding a video to your website, consider these five main advantages of hosting it up on YouTube and talk with you SEO analyst about what course of action is best for your company’s specific situation.

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