Magento: An E-Commerce Creator You Can Use

Every year since 2013, E-Commerce sales in the U.S. have surpassed $700 billion for Business to Consumer sales (via That year, 2013, is the last fully official documented sales year that Statista could trace back to – in between…
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Microsoft Exchange Email Support

Basic Microsoft Exchange Email Support and links to more advanced topics
Social Media participation is vital.

What To Look For In a Web Designer

When searching for a web designer, there are many things to consider, especially their ability to communicate, their skillset, and examples of their work.
Facebook Business Page
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Facebook for Business Allows You To Customize Your Ad Audience

Online marketing will never be the same after Facebook introduced us to their new "Facebook for business", which is essentially a marketing strategy to that businesses can customize advertisements and who receives them on their platform.
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What are Google AdWords and How Can It Apply To My Business?

Google AdWords is a Pay-Per-Click service that provides a direct route to paying your way onto Google’s first search results page.
Social media 101: Stay on top of Industry News.
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Social Media 101: How To Stay On Top of Industry News

Stay on top of industry news to increase relevancy and draw in more social media followers. So you want to keep up with social media’s incredibly quick-paced news sharing, but you keep missing the opportune moment. How do you catch news stories…