Creativity, Innovation, and Technology – An Interview

website planet featuring dan

Creativity, Innovation, and Technology – An Interview

We’re thrilled to share a new interview with Website Planet. In this conversation, we discussed creativity, innovation, and technology, as well as what we envision for the future of the industry. Enjoy!

Highlights include …

Bower Web Solutions Inc. differentiates itself from its competitors by being able to offer the full range of Internet Marketing services that businesses are looking for to help grow their business so they can use one vendor for all of their Internet marketing needs.

Our clients always retain ownership of their website and any other products that we build for them. We offer both hourly-based projects as well as monthly packages….

How do you envision the future of your industry?

I believe there will still be a significant role for the smaller web design and marketing companies such as Bower Web Solutions where clients always come 1st….

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