How to Create a Facebook Business Page The Right Way

Facebook Business Page

How to Create a Facebook Business Page The Right Way

People ask us what is the correct way to create a Facebook Business page for their company.

According to Facebook themselves:

“You must first have a Facebook account and a personal profile set up in order to create a Facebook Page, as every Page needs to have an admin in order to log in and manage the Page, or have a role on the Page.”

How to create a Facebook Business page

Let us say an individual (John Smith), owns a company (Acme Widgets), for which he wants to create a Facebook business page. He would:

  1. Create a PERSONAL Facebook account for himself (John Smith)
  2. Then he would create a BUSINESS Facebook page for Acme Widgets, for which he would be the Page Owner and Admin.

To post / make changes

If John Smith then want to make edits or post to the Acme Widgets Facebook Business page, he would:

  1. Login into Facebook as himself (John Smith)
  2. Then if he needs to post or comment on something, he can post as himself (John Smith) OR use the voice of “Acme Widgets” to post
  3. Once a Business Page is created, you can give other Facebook users limited or full access to change things on the Facebook Business page (i.e. another employee) But you, as it original creator, would still retain full admin rights.

Many times novice web designers create a Facebook presence for their clients incorrectly. A typical example of this incorrect Facebook set up would be:

  1. The web designer creates a “personal” account for an imaginary person called “Acme Widgets” (First name “Acme”, Last name”Widgets” )
  2. The web designer then creates a “business” page for “Acme Widgets”

Technically, if a Facebook account is created in this manner, it would be considered a violation to Facebook’s terms:

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