Create Analytics Account and Giving Someone Else Access


Create Analytics Account and Giving Someone Else Access

Because of the way Google Analytics works, website owners should create a Google Analytics Account and give their developers or webmasters access.

To Create a Google Analytics Account:

  • Click to go to Google Analytics.
    Note: If you have a Google account, and are not signed in, click Sign in. If you do not have a Google account, click Create an account.
  • Once you have signed in to your Google account, click Access Google Analytics.
  • Click Sign up.
  • Fill in your Account Name, Website Name, Website URL, and select an Industry Category and Reporting Time Zone.
  • Under Data Sharing Options, check the boxes next to the options that you want.
  • From the Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement that opens, click I Accept.

To Share Your Google Analytics Account with Someone Else:

  • Click Admin, and navigate to the desired account/property/view.
  • In the ACCOUNT, PROPERTY, or VIEW column (depending upon whether you want to add the user at the account, property, or view level), click User Management.
  • Under Add permissions for, enter the email address for the user’s Google Account.
  • Select the permissions you want.  Web Developers normally want all permissions which will allow them to do everything but delete the primary user.
  • Select Notify this user by email to send a notification to each user you’re adding.
  • Click Add.

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