Do I Want SEO: Yes Or No?


Do I Want SEO: Yes Or No?

Is SEO Right For My Business?

Yes. It’s right for everyone’s business.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should be concerned about SEO, you need to stop. Wondering that is. Search Engine Optimization can cause the biggest influx of visitors to your website- more than you can imagine. With the constant traveling of the Internet by searchers all over the globe, every day, searches come to a total of almost 3.5 billion searches per day on Google (Check out how quickly those numbers add up). That’s about 40,000 searches per second.

Think about the chances of someone stumbling across your website- doesn’t seem bad right? Now, think about your chances of getting a hit if your website is engineered to optimize its chances of being the result of someone’s search. Welcome to Search Engine Optimization.

It doesn’t matter what your business is being on the Internet, but if you’re a business, make it your business to get it there. Furthermore, use your time and money being on the Internet to the best of its ability: maximize visitors and ultimately, increase profit. Search Engine Optimization is for everyone- if you’re not doing it, you’re essentially wasting cyber space. Now, if you can’t afford it, that could be a different concern. However, there’s a catch: SEO can be free.

Yes, that’s right. Free as in you’re not paying a penny for it. If you take it into your own hands, however, you’re committing yourself to hours of work- at least one or two per day working to develop enriched content, roam social media platforms, and instill your desired keywords into your website’s content. SEO is a combination of administering great, useful content on your website (check out this Content Marketing article), establishing your company as a staple to the internet, and using select keywords and content guidelines that are geared for Google’s Index to love your page.

In addition, you’ll need a few elaborate lessons (See our article on ‘Stock and Flow’) on SEO to really get the most out of your time and website. Although it can be a simple process, it does take daily devotion and the ability to produce legitimate content (whether it’s text, pictures, games, etc.) that consumers will want to take part in.

You can even track your progress. With new tools that are readily available, such as Googly Analytics and our Free Rover Rescue tool, you can see where your website has strengths and weaknesses and even check your website’s page rank (See: Domain Authority). It’s all at your disposal; next step is to make a move. If you would like to hire someone, there are plenty of SEO experts that offer their services and web developers that can do the same while building your website.

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