DNS invoice - click to see full size

DNS invoice sent to Bower Web Solutions client.

A company called DNS Services is sending out what appear to be hard-copy invoices.  Cleverly buried among other verbiage is the disclaimer that is is a solicitation and not actually a bill.

What makes the invoice appear genuine is that it contains information extracted from the publicly available whois records including your company’s domain and hosting information.  It even has your current DNS settings listed on it (which may look something like ns1.bowerwebsoltions.com) so it even has our company name on the invoice to make it really looks like an official invoice – but its an invoice for a service that you simply don’t need!

Most domain registrars and many hosting companies include DNS, which points your domain to the correct spot on the internet, as part of their service.

Why pay for something you get for free – well, don’t.

Bower Web Solutions handles hosting and DNS registration for most of its clients and offers one point of contact for domain name registration, hosting, web development and email. Bower Web Solutions makes the Net work for you.