Facebook for Business Allows You To Customize Your Ad Audience

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Facebook for Business Allows You To Customize Your Ad Audience

Online marketing changes forever with Facebook for business.

Facebook for business has been steadily creating one of the most amazing ways to promote your business. Since the company went public, it was searching for a way to increase its capital through businesses. They were blessed with the one thing they needed: 1.3 billion users. With this amount of people, businesses were dying to somehow get word of their advertisements to these consumers. Facebook opened the door with their new ‘for business’ feature, and especially their customizable target audience feature that comes along with it.

When creating your Facebook page, Facebook wants you to make a fully personal page. It wants you to tell them all of the musicians you love, your favorite movies, what companies you shop at, etc. about literally everything about your life. After all, most businesses, musicians, etc. are on Facebook, so Facebook for business invites you to take interest in their pages so you can follow their accounts. However, it also wants you to tell them what type of person you are so that it can use this information to send specified advertisements from businesses paying money to your newsfeed, front and center.

When you make an advertisement with Facebook for business, it’s fully customizable: the headline, the picture, the description. Also, your audience. Before paying for your advertisement, you choose who you want to send it to: location (add as many towns, regions, states, countries, etc.), age (insert your range), gender, languages spoken, and what interests them (choose from genres of music, movies, and more). After doing this, you can save this specific audience under a name so that you can easily access this information and send out certain ads to certain groups of people.

Facebook will find users that fit your criteria and group them together. Then, since you’re not the only one trying to attract these people, you will enter an auction with other businesses trying to do the same. If you are paying a lot of money, your ad will be prioritized- can’t blame Facebook too much for this. However, your money will never be spent if you lose in the auction, but your ad will simply wait for a good time or be moved to another user that fits your criteria. So while you might get outbid by a big player, your money will still not be wasted.

This type of specifying takes target marketing to another level. It’s the optimal way to market a business. These things are constantly talked about at marketing companies, who are always concerned with reaching the target market. Facebook for business is a groundbreaking new advertising scheme is fully customizable so that you and your business can reach exactly who you want to, thus increasing your chances at getting followers and new customers.

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