Google AdWords Now Allows You to Target Local Searchers


Google AdWords Now Allows You to Target Local Searchers

Use the new location-based tool on Google AdWords to promote your business

Whether you personally manage your Google AdWords account or whether you have someone else utilize this advertising weapon for you, there is now a great new feature you can leverage to boost your online impact. (Note: If you’re not using Google AdWords, it’s time to get on it). AdWords now has a new location-specific tool among its customizable options.

This tool is great for delivering regional-specific information on your business to people based on their location. This allows you to customize business services information according to which store your potential customers are closest to, making this a handy feature if your business has multiple locations. You can feature inventory information, discount opportunities, store hours, and more.

Location-based advertising is the ever-growing field of research behind the light of Google’s geographic abilities. Although some geographic information collection processes can seem invasive, this advertising tool simply allows customers to obtain more information about your business when they search for services/products related to your business.

If you’re not on Google AdWords yet, as stated before, it’s time to update your marketing strategy and coordinate your efforts with Google’s online marketing tools. Google runs the Internet, so using these tools to their maximum potential is the best first step you have at creating a great online presence. This new location-based tool is just another strategy for increasing the appeal of your business to potential online customers. It’s a more personal approach to Internet marketing which your business can benefit from.

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