Google Replaces Google Places for Google Plus Local

Google Replaces Google Places for Google Plus Local

Google has now replaced its Google Places and leaving in its place a new feature that combines its Google Plus (Google+) social media service and restaurant reviewers Zagat.

Google Plus Local is the latest push by Google to incorporate its networking site into more of its other products. Google’s goal is to create a single, seamless Web experience.

Plus Local is designed to let users discover and share information about local restaurants, shops and other sites. A new “Local” tab on the side of a Google Plus page lets users click and search.

Results will include reviews from Zagat, which Google bought in September, as well as ratings and comments from friends. The results also will appear when Google users search for a local site using Google search or Google Maps.

Companies listed on the less-social Google Places can be converted over to Google Plus. According to unofficial reports, roughly 80 million businesses’ pages already had been converted Wednesday morning.

Google Plus reports being up to about 100 million users since opening to the public in September. Facebook is still the leader with about 900 million accounts.

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