Google’s Local Listings Cuts Could Cause You Trouble

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Google’s Local Listings Cuts Could Cause You Trouble

From 7 to 3, the number of Google local listings could push you out.

So you’re fairly confident in your business’s ability to show up on that 1st Google page. You’re showing up as a local listing. You even show up on the map with your own geo-tag. Great. However, your 1st page showing might be in danger due to Google’s new local listings trimmings.

Previously, 7 local business results would appear on a Google search, but that number has just been brought down to 3. So, if you earned even the number 4 spot- a very respectable listing- your link might have been bumped down to the second page. Or worse, it might not show up at all. Luckily, we have a few tips to keep your business hunt for Google’s first page thriving and constantly fighting for the top spot.

SEO Optimization: This is the obvious one. Everyone hears this term thrown around, but it really is the future of marketing your page to Google searchers. You might’ve read up on it or watched YouTube videos, but you may not be paying enough attention to it. Getting a professional – to handle your SEO Optimization tactics or even just to give you the initial push and strategy implementation – could be a good idea. Putting the initial dollar into it will deliver a good outcome. Either that, or be ready to dedicate the time to it.

Check Out Your Competition: Look at the local listings that are above you and see what location words they use on their page. They might be mentioning the county, maybe even nearby counties, town/city names near you, etc. that could be giving them the extra edge for searchers in different areas. Although Google uses your actual location, adding location words on your pages can help Google to recognize that you do business in these certain areas. Also, there’s a good chance that someone is searching with that town name in his or her search. In this case, you’re a top contender.

Settle and Pay: This one requires capital, but Google will automatically get you into the rotation of advertisements that appear on the first results page. Usually, they will have a small yellow asterisk. Regardless, you’re on the first page, maybe even above local listings.

There’s no definite way of influencing Google to choose your business over others. However, it’s all about taking the necessary steps to give yourself the best chance of doing so. Google likes those companies who show effort. Show Google how much you want it and maybe even put in that first dollar to give yourself an edge over the competition.

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