How to Fix Battery Issues After iOS 5.1.1 Upgrade

How to Fix Battery Issues After iOS 5.1.1 Upgrade

iphone and ipadI have had the “notification to update” sitting on my iPhone for a couple of weeks now. As with most updates, Apple or otherwise, I usually wait for the dust to settle to see if there are any issues or problems reported by users by such updates. My update policy is the same for both my smartphone and desktop computers

Users have been reporting battery issues with their iPhones as well iPads after upgrading to Apple’s latest iOS update, version 5.1.1. After doing some online research, I have found a few simple steps that should hopefully get your battery back on track if you have already performed the update.

Several users have begun reporting that their iOS devices had taken a significant battery life hit.

While not affecting most users, some iPhone and iPad owners found that the battery life they had come to expect was not what it was after updating to iOS 5.1.1.

If you find your device is not getting the battery life it once was, a few troubleshooting tips (as mentioned by Apple Support Communities user sbaily4).

  1. First, be sure you have a good backup of your iPhone or iPad. Plug your device into your Mac or PC, open iTunes, and sync it.
  2. Open Settings and tap to navigate to General > Reset. Tap “Reset All Settings” at the top of the screen. This option does not delete your content (music, videos, photos, or apps) so you won’t lose anything important.
  3. Your iPhone or iPad will then prompt you for basic setup information including reconnecting to your Wi-Fi network, as if you had just purchased the device. Now, use your device so that the battery drains COMPLETELY to zero percent.
  4. Now, plug your device into a power source (preferably a wall outlet) and let it charge, undisturbed, to a FULL 100 percent. If your battery percentage is not showing up, open Settings and navigate to General > Usage. Under battery usage, flip the switch to On.

This process should resolve any battery issues resulting from the iOS 5.1.1 update, especially if it was performed over the air (wireless). If you find that your battery life is still not up to snuff, plug your device into your Mac or PC, open iTunes, and perform a restore; first from a backup and then, if that does not resolve the issue, as a new device.

Have you experienced any issues after upgrading to iOS 5.1.1? Let us know in the comments below!

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