Infographics For Website Promotion


Infographics For Website Promotion

More than two billion pieces of new web content are created every day. This includes tweets, videos, and social media posts and so on. With all this content, getting your content noticed on the web is very hard. That is why you need to use all the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics available including Infographics to increase the ranking of your website on Search engines.

What Are Infographics?

Infographics are simply visual web content. They are created by combining text and images designed to represent data. In this age of big data, Infographics are the best suited method of passing information in a compelling visual format which is easy to understand. Infographics are a very powerful online marketing tool.

Importance of Infograhics in SEO

Importance of Infographics

Now that we know the meaning of infographics, let’s discuss the important reasons you should be using infographics on your site as a content marketing tactic:

Infographics Are attractive and eye catching

In the web, people love facts and statistics. Images give authenticity to your content. They are attractive and they will always catch the eyes of your reader. We all know that pictures never lie!

Infographics are Scanned Easily

Many readers usually scan through a web post first before deciding whether a post is worth reading. By adding infographics to your posts, you will give your readers an urge to read your content. You will also make it easy to understand and remember. This is because human beings are highly visual. They process visual content faster than written content.

Infographics Have High Capacity to go Viral

Because infographics are attractive, it is easier to share them on social media compared to written content.

Infographics are Portable

The process of designing infographics involves developing an infographic code and publishing it on your website. This is called embedding. This embedded link can be easily transferred from one website to another.

Infographics Help in creating Brand Awareness

Some types of infographics like a picture of your product embedded with your logo will go a long way in helping you create brand awareness. Also posting images of your products on your website will help inform your customer about your brand.

Infographics Help to Increase Traffic

An infographic that is a well created and attractive will compel people to like and share it with their friends on social media. This will increase your traffic.

Infographics help in Search Engine Optimization

If your infographics become viral, it motivates more people to link to the Infographic, hence more people will link to your website which elevates the page ranking of your website.

Infographics Show Your Readers You Have Knowledge

When you use infographics, you will be able to display to your readers the knowledge and expertise on your niche or category.

Infographics are Powerful Marketing Tools for Search Engine Optimization

When you post images of your products on your website, you will be giving your prospective customers a chance to virtually sample your product before actually touching it. Research has shown that people are ten times likely to buy a product they have seen their image than products which they have only read its description.

David O’Neill is a graphic designer who knows the power of infographics. “Info graphics are an ideal way of delivering your data quickly, in an easily-digestible format. They even have the added benefit of supporting the look and voice of your brand.”, says David.

David, who also illustrates children’s book with author and collaborator Ed Shankman, says the best info graphics are those that demonstrate one key point. You can check more of David’s work at

The bottom line of infographics is that infographics increase traffic to your website. As an online entrepreneur, you know that increased traffic means more market for your online business. The beautiful infographics which you post on your website will help you convert this traffic into sales. This is because pictures of your product give your business more credibility. People love people who they think they can trust, and credibility builds trust.

Though creating infographics is rather difficult, there are many new tools and platforms which will help you make better infographics for your website. Take advantage of these amazing tools and improve the quality, readability and attractiveness of your content by using infographics.

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