Is All Web Hosting the Same?

Web hosting differs from host to host.

Is All Web Hosting the Same?

Five Differences in Web Hosting Services

There is a common misconception that all web hosting services are the same, but this is far from the truth. As with most things, you get what you pay for. However, this is one thing you might not want to skimp out on.

1. Performance

Cheap web hosting options like GoDaddy do not have lower prices because they want to be nice to their customers, they have them because through overcrowding their servers they can sell web hosting at lower prices. Overcrowding, especially with WordPress sites, causes severe performance issues and in turn is detrimental to your customer’s experience with you website. If your site goes from a 1 second load time to a four second load time, you will lose 25% of web traffic due to abandonment.

Instead of packing as many domains on a web server like a clown car, we minimize the domains per server so that your site will consistently load at top speed. This reduces frustration with your customers trying to access a website that is taking too long to load and prevents you from losing a quarter of your potential business every day.

2. Redundancy

Going with the cheaper options seems like a good idea in the short term, until your server crashes due to overcrowding or faulty hardware. Worst part is that if your site suddenly crashes due to server problems, you could lose your website and the data you’ve worked hard to accumulate. The majority of the cheaper web hosting options have limited to no backup. They do not regularly save copies of your website and data to ensure that it would not be lost if the server were to crash. We backup your website and data EVERY HOUR. While the web hosting competition may not backup your website or data at all, we can restore it to a past copy by the hour. This peace of mind alone is enough for most clients to continue to host with us over the cheaper options.

3. Support

This is my personal pain point as I have experienced first hand what it is like to have to deal with cheaper web hosting customer service representatives, who are relatively powerless, lack sufficient experience, and are detached from the data centers where the server and website live. After waiting on hold for at least a half an hour, I wasted an hour of my time explaining my problem to a representative who knew less about the problem and how to resolve it than I did. Once I realized that it seemed as if I was the support agent, I hung up.

You are a professional and should value your time. Don’t waste your time on the phone with a representative that ultimately cannot identify, analyze, and solve your problem then and there. If you call us, you will speak with someone who is experienced and capable of addressing and solving immediately.

4. Security

In order to protect your private information and your customers’ you need a web hosting solution that involves proactive security measures instead of reactive ones. If you choose a cheaper web hosting service, don’t be surprised if you report a serious security problem and they were not previously aware of it. We utilize proprietary monitoring tools to constantly scour and detect any suspicious activity or performance problems so that we can identify and address them before they become visible problems. Security is often one of the top three priorities for many existing clients, which is why these monitoring tools were the main selling point for them.

5. Reliability

What happens when you receive web hosting optimized for performance, redundancy, and security? One kick-ass reliable website. Add on an empowered, capable, and experienced support staff and you will have the peace of mind to worry less about your website and focus more on your business. The decision is yours!

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