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Microsoft Exchange email account

Introduction to Microsoft Exchange Email

Bower Web Solutions offers premium supported Microsoft Exchange Email with Activesync which allows extremely secure and robustly backed up email accounts of essentially unlimited size as well as contacts, calendars and tasks which sync across essentially unlimited devices.

This tutorial is designed to cover the basics of working with Microsoft Exchange Email.

While we try our best to assist our customers, assistance with third-party software can not be supported completely by Bower Web Solutions. If you have further questions about configuring your specific email application, please visit the company’s website.

First – Outlook Web Access

Once your account is configured and whenever you have a problem use Outlook Web Access.

Simple go to and type in your full email account and  password.

Webmail will give you an outlook like interface. My services allows you to change your name and password (but be sure to use a secure password).

If you are ever having trouble with Exchange you can use web access which has nearly all the functionality of your normal email program until you can fix your email client as well as to confirm that the email account itself is working fine.
If you can’t login to web access there’s something wrong with your email name, password or the account itself.

Setting up Microsoft Exchange on a Computer

Microsoft Exchange is a Microsoft product and works best on Microsoft’s email client, Outlook, the newer the better.

To install a new Exchange account in a new Outlook profile, the simplest method is to choose ‘My services’ from and type in your full email account and  password. Note if you are logged into Webmail you’ll need to logout or open another browser.
Once logged into my services, download and install the Outlook Profile Helper.

For Outlook accounts with already existing emails we recommend that you work with your information technology professionals or Bower Web Solutions as part of your support plan as precautions must be taken so that no data such as emails or contacts are loss.

These tutorials will be helpful for IT professionals:
Configure Outlook 2016/2019 To Connect To Exchange.
Manually Connect Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013 To My Exchange Server?

Setting up Microsoft Exchange on a phone or tablet

One of the main reasons to use Exchange with ActiveSync is Exchange with ActiveSync’s ability to sync email, contacts, calendar and task across multiple devices. Read an email on your phone and it’s marked as read on your computer and web access webmail as well.

Bower Web Solutions can assist you in phone set up as part of your support plan. However, without access to the phone this can be challenging.

An alternative is to visit your cellular carrier and get them to set up your phone as they are familiar with their systems and most phones that work on them and setting up a phone is often much easier with access to the phone.

Please refer to the articles below to set up your exchange email on your phone.

Note most Bower Web Solutions Exchange plans include ActiveSync.

Set Up An Exchange Email Account with ActiveSync on iPhone Using Microsoft Exchange.

Setting Up An Exchange Email Account with ActiveSync on Android Devices. Bower Web Solutions recommends using the native app set up for Samsung and HTC devices.

As programs are constantly being updated, please contact us if you find these instructions are no longer accurate.