New Age Advertising: Facebook For Business Is Live

Facebook for business

New Age Advertising: Facebook For Business Is Live

Odds aren’t in your favor of creating a viral video or article. Most of that is up to chance and reputation. Instead of desperately trying to create a viral video, article, or post on social media, you can now put your advertising budget toward Facebook in order to reach customers, new and old.

Instead of needing many shares and likes, this new “facebook for business” feature allows you to make a Facebook advertising budget. You can put money towards your advertisement whether it’s $5.00 or $5,000.00, but it’s worth it and guarantees your money is well spent. The money doesn’t go to some ad that’s thrown in a newspaper on a page that everyone skips. This money sends your advertisement to potential customers’ Newsfeeds. So, they’re essentially forced to view your ad.

Now, with the forcing of viewing your ad, you might think this could annoy them. Well, that is a possibility- especially because Facebook used to be ad-free for the users only. However, this puts more pressure on you to create entertaining and aesthetically pleasing ads. This refers to catchy headlines, good article material, and most importantly: great pictures. If you put together some nice, compact articles, you should be fine.

You even get to customize your target audience to reach new consumers and get a conversion rate on how many people click on your link and even how many actually buy your product.

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