Posting Video On Your Website To Increase Sales

Posting Video On Your Website To Increase Sales

There are many ways to use video to promote your company. What are the best ways of using video that can be produced quickly and produce leads? Read on!

Introduction Clip

An “Intro to Your Company” video is a brief, 4 minute or less (2 to 3 minutes works best) homepage introduction that tells who you are, what you do and why visitors should care. This can be done like a commercial with lots of action shots on the shop floor, the office, etc. A “talking head” of the company president even works. A good example of an introductory video can be found on Proforma NJ’s web site.

Your video will need to be brief, informative, entertaining, and fun. Ask us how we can help get a video of your company up on the web.

Product Demo

Demonstrate how your product works. Again, these video clips shouldn’t run on too long but can be longer than your introductory commercial. However, when it comes to demos, less is more. Think a spokesperson driven demo (such as on the Home Shopping Channel). Make sure to show the best features of your product and explain multiple times how your product addresses a problem for your potential customers.

Your Servces

This is very similar to a product demo and works best for suppliers, trying to demonstrate their superior technology that will in the long run cost less money or provide better quality merchandise than that of a competitor.

Company News

A video that spotlights either what your company has achieved that is noteworthy or what your employees have done for your company. When discussing employees, the “old Employee of the Month” style approach adds a nice touch and speaks to how your company values in its staff. That can make a big difference to some customers. Again, “brevity is the sole of wit”.

Vlog Posts (Video Blogs)

A Video Blog could come in the form of a training video, which can be done for things such as software applications or a “talking head” telling something he or she knows. The purpose of this posting is to display expert positioning for your company while providing real value for the viewer.


This definitely MUST be a person unrelated to the business telling about what the company did for him or her, and it can NOT be anonymous. Hear good reviewer from current customers will make new prospective client want to hire you.

Humor Video

Sometimes people just want laugh. So why not have them laugh and feel good about your company. Bower Web Solutions will occasionally post greeting card videos on our site. The more entertaining the video, the more liking the video will be posted and spread virally on the social networks of your viewers (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) and further your internet exposure.

If you need help creating or posting videos on your website, please feel free to contact us.

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