Using Twitter To Help Your Search Engine Ranking

Using Twitter To Help Your Search Engine Ranking

Word through the internet grapevine is that Google, Bing (and probably Yahoo too I would believe) use social media links, such as Twitter Tweets, when creating their search results. This is at elates what I read from Kristina Weis’ most recent blog post.
Search Engines uses hundreds of ways to determine how it should rank a web site, such as inbound links, title tags, and how quickly your site loads.

Getting people to link to your site is really all about having great content that people want to share, whether on their blogs or websites, or on Twitter. As Google and other search engines increasingly take note of social activity, having a good social media presence will become increasingly important for ranking well in search results.

How Can Twitter Help My Search  Engine Results?

1) Mind the Text
When you tweet a link, it’s likely that search engines use the text you enter to determine what your link is about. It’s very similar to the way that search engines regard anchor text on web pages – the text on which a link is built tells the engines what the linked page is about. This in turn can help the linked page rank better for the keywords contained in the anchor text.

2) Who Says?
Who links to you on Twitter matters. You probably know already that it’s more beneficial if influential tweeple – “people” in Twitter-speak – tweet about you, or retweet your tweets, because they will reach a wider audience. The same is true for the SEO value of Twitter. Google and Bing both say they look at the author’s authority or quality when evaluating links that appear in tweets.

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