How to Check ‘Pop’ Email From Multiple Devices


How to Check ‘Pop’ Email From Multiple Devices

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Time Needed:

10 minutes

Tools Needed:

1 computer and another device


The following tutorial is provided as a courtesy to our hosting customers to help you configure multiple devices  to work with Bower Web Solutions hosted email.

Bower Web Solutions’ email is designed to quickly deliver email and websites and not for a vast amount of email storage.

While we try our best to assist our customers, assistance with third-party software can not be supported completely by Bower Web Solutions.


Before you start, be sure you have these pieces of information available:

  • Your email and password

How to Configure your Email to Work with more than 1 device

  1. First, you need to decide which computer is going to be the master and have the main record of your email and set up the email to work properly on that device. For most people this is the work computer.
    The main computer needs to be configured to leave messages on the server for at least 1 day. This is the normal setup Bower Web Solutions recommends.
  2. Set up the email to work on the second device. Follow the instructions for your device except configure the email to leave messages on the server.
    In Outlook and LiveMail: In the Advanced tab, uncheck the tab that says “Remove from server after _ days”.
    Leave ‘Remove from server when deleted from deleted items checked. ‘
    Note that if you don’t want to receive an items you deleted on one device on the other devices you must send/receive after you delete from deleted items.
  3. In Mac Mail: In Mail select Mail > Preferences.
    Click the Accounts tab.
    Select the account for which you wish to change the settings.
    Click the Advanced tab.
    Uncheck  the “Remove copy from server after retrieving a message” option.
  4. Once you configure your 2nd device to leave messages on the server, when you check e-mail from that computer, you receive a copy of those e-mail messages. Those messages will still be there on your Bower Web Solutions incoming e-mail server, ready for your main computer to download them. So your main computer will get every message that comes in, no matter where you first check your e-mail from, unless it’s been deleted from the deleted items.
  • Alternate  set up.
    Using IMAP instead of POP to set up the alternate email will prevent many sincing issues. The problem with an IMAP configuration is that email will accumulate on the server in the trash and sent items. So if you use this setup, you either need to clean out the trash and sent items in the IMAP setup, or use webmail to clean them out or have Bower Web Solutions set up (as part of a billable support contract) the server to clear these folders for you. Note: that if you don’t do anything, your account will eventually fill up and the normal methods of clearing the emails of will not work.
  • Premium Email: Bower Web Solutions offers premium email which offer syncing across multiple devices and nearly unlimited storage. Please contact Bower Web Solutions to discuss pricing as well as which solution would be best for you.

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