Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

In the days and weeks following the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, millions of people were without power or internet both at their homes and offices. They relied solely upon their mobile smartphones for Internet access to read their email and visit websites.

In today’s business world, companies can no longer afford to ignore this every growing audience of mobile customers. Is your site ready to compete with the mobile friendly websites of your competition?

Mobile Internet Use Is On The Rise

It is estimated that by as soon as 2013, there will be more mobile internet users than desktop users. Since 2010, mobile web searches have increased by 400%. A mobile-friendly site can help you connect with your customers more easily. Bear in mind that just because your website can be seen on your mobile smartphone using its built in web browser does not however mean that it is necessarily mobile ready.

Mobile sites are designed with mobile users in mind and fit well on smaller screens. Mobile friendly sites offer simple navigations and take advantage of mobile features such as maps, location information and click-to-call.

How can you make your desktop website be more mobile-friendly and offer visitors the same experience as your desktop version?  There are a few different approaches based upon your overall goals and budget. The two most popular approaches are creating a Mobile Specific website or creating your website with Responsive Design techniques.

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