Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Web Site Now

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Web Site Now

95 percent of smartphone users have looked for local information, with 88 percent of these users acting on information within one day, most often contacting or visiting a business.’ according to a Google commissioned survey.

Smartphone users are ready to act: Nearly nine out of 10 smartphone searches end in an action such as call or purchase.

Smartphones are playing a growing role for consumers, who are wielding them to find deals, research products and locate businesses. The survey found 79 percent of respondents used their smartphones for shopping, and three out of four smartphone users made purchases either in store or online using their phones. Seven out of 10 smartphone users use their phones while shopping in a store. The phone is often in used from the time research begins until a purchase is made.

  • More smartphones are being sold than desktop computers.
  • A large majority of smartphone owners actually use their mobile devices to surf the internet.
  • Close to 85% of people who own a smartphone in the United States use it to access the web.
  • Mobile internet use is predicted to overtake desktop internet access by 2015.

Many more benefits related to having a mobile friendly version of your web site may be found here.

Having a streamlined mobile device optimized version of your site costs a fraction of a full web site relaunch. This is usually because the information provided on a mobile site is more condensed and self-contained in a mobile version than in its desktop counterpart. Contact us for a free estimate for creating a mobile web site for your company.

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