Configure Email with Thunderbird

This post is a step by step tutorial on how to set up your Windows PC with Windows Live Mail for use with Bower Web Solutions hosting.

How To Send Large Files Online

How to send large files and How to create and extract a ZIP File in mac and windows. Email accounts on Bower Web Solutions’ servers can send and receive up to 20 megabytes. For collaborating as well as file sharing we recommend and use dropBox. To send multiple files it is best to organize them first on your computer into files and then zip them up.

Email Set-up with Windows 10 Mail Client

Bower Web Solutions email servers are optimized to deliver email and web pages quickly and securely but do not offer the large of amount of storage needed for Imap. Therefore the stock Windows 10 mail application will not work properly and we do not recommend using it. Instead we recommend using Outlook or LiveMail (a free download).

Configure Email in Outlook 2016 & Earlier & Outlook Express

Help to configure your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express software to work with Bower Web Solutions email.