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Google’s Local Listings Cuts Could Cause You Trouble

From 7 to 3, the number of Google local listings could push you out. So you’re fairly confident in your business’s ability to show up on that 1st Google page. You’re showing up as a local listing. You even show up on the map with your…
Facebook for business
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New Age Advertising: Facebook For Business Is Live

What is Facebook for business? This article explains what this new marketing concept is all about.
Facebook for business has questionable morals.
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Facebook for Business: Is This Target Marketing Immoral?

Facebook for business utilizes all of the information that its users have given them on themselves in order to allow businesses to target people like you, who will be susceptible to clicking on their ads.
A Social Website is a fun website.
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5 Ways to Make Your Website A Social Website

Craft your website using fun social media tools, blogs, and more in order to increase visitor participation with your website's features.
Social Media participation is vital.

6 Ways to Boost Social Media Popularity in the Digital Discussion

Social media is affecting everyone. It’s constantly a new topic of discussion in companies and marketing departments are keeping their eyes peeled for effective ways to brand themselves through the digital world of internet consumers. Although making money is always a huge bonus- or typically the end goal- gaining popularity is both the key to making money directly and expanding one’s audience and the potential for rich growth.
How to comment can land you business deals.
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How To Comment On Articles From Your Business’s Account

Reading interesting articles online that pertain to your industry? Don’t just read and walk (or click) away. Get involved and make a name for yourself. Appropriately. Learn more how to go about commenting as your business here!