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5 Simple Social Media Tips

These social media tips are easy to follow and straight-to-the-point. Social media tips are easy to come by; however, a lot of times you'll read about some guy's "expertise" in the area or you'll get a bunch of research data that claims to have…
hosting website videos on youtube
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Advantages of Hosting Website Videos on YouTube

Creating videos for your website is invaluable for both your SEO and as content for your customers. Should you host it on YouTube? Read more to find out!

Do I Want SEO: Yes Or No?

Do you want more people coming to your site? If so, then Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is your website's best friend. It presents every business a fair opportunity to become a search result on Google.
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What Do Your Logo Colors Mean?

Every color has a specific emotion it invokes or characteristic it symbolizes. With your logo representing your color, you should know exactly what the colors you're choosing actually mean to your consumers.
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5 Social Media Pitfalls You Must Avoid

Social media is double-edged sword. It can be either an invaluable tool or an incredibly destructive force working against your company's reputation. Social media can create an amazing marketing buzz for your company. However, the posts you create on your company's social media accounts can cause negative backlash if not used properly. Here are some of the top social media pitfalls to avoid.
content marketing
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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an effective yet underutilized tool that companies can use to summon internet consumers to their websites. Want to learn what it's all about? Here's a simple 101 guide to using content marketing for your business.